The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine is a multidisciplinary society aiming to prevent, improve, manage and treat lifestyle-related conditions. Members include GPs and medical specialists, allied health practitioners, public health physicians, educators, and researchers.

RCGP diabetes online module

A 30-minute online learning module: Type 2 diabetes and the low GI diet. The use of a low GI diet as an adjunct treatment, including physiology, evidence and how to implement it in real life.

RCGP essential knowledge update

A 20-minute online screencast: T2D management in adults: management. Delivered by GP Dr David Unwin, RCGP Clinical Expert in diabetes and National Champion in collaborative care in diabetes and obesity.

Public Health Collaboration

The Public Health Collaboration is a charity dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health.

Inspired Medics

Inspired Medics provides inspirational GP CPD, training and community with a lifestyle medicine focus.

Independent health platform and patient support network providing a comprehensive service around diabetes.

UK Health Coaches Association

Professional body dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of the role of Health Coaching as a credible and accessible model for preventing, and potentially reversing, chronic, lifestyle-related disease.

British Holistic Medical Association

The BHMA’s vision is for a more sustainable, compassionate and ‘human’ approach to delivering mainstream medicine, engaging with doctors, nurses, carers, community groups and the public.

The What If Health Podcast

Dr Suzie Edge talks to guests from health, fitness, nutrition backgrounds and more, about their experiences and thoughts on what we can do about the crisis we face in our health.

X-Pert Health

Education for the public and healthcare professionals designed to manage diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other long-term medical conditions.National network of 102 centres..

Low Carb Programme

NHS-approved behaviour change app to help people with T2D, pre-diabetes and obesity achieve sustainable weight loss, reduce HbA1c and reduce medication dependency.