08.00        Doors open for coffee and exhibition

09.00        Programme starts

Sam Feltham, Director of the Public Health CollaborationCreating change in public health
Public health continues to deteriorate year on year but there is hope for the future. Sam will explain how the Public Health Collaboration is creating change for a brighter future.

Keynote speaker: Dr Aseem Malhotra, Cardiologist, campaigner and author: Preventing heart disease with lifestyle medicine
Aseem will talk us through cholesterol, statins and more in a look at the evidence surrounding heart disease and lifestyle medicine.

Stephanie Romiszewski, sleep physiologist and director of the Sleepyhead Clinic: The skinny on sleep:  a no nonsense, non -scaremongering guide 
Stephanie will explore why we don’t seem to be able to resolve sleep issues and how to help ourselves as clinicians as well as our patients.

11.00 -11.30      Break, exhibition, film show

Dr Vipan Bhardwaj and Dr Helen Rutherford, GPs : A modified Mediterranean diet for type 2 diabetes
Helen and Vipan will outline their experience of treating type 2 diabetes with a modified Mediterranean diet. They will describe how they are using their leadership roles within the Modality Partnership to influence healthcare commissioners in order to offer this approach to patients in multiple regions across England.

Dr Campbell Murdoch, GP and Chief Medical Officer of DDM: Type 2 diabetes remission – the scale of the solution
WIth over 4 million people in the UK with type 2 diabetes, and many more with prediabetes, the remission task is significant. However it is achievable.  Campbell will cover the role of the clinician (including deprescribing) and technology in achieving type 2 diabetes remission at scale. Can 1,000,000 people reverse their type 2 diabetes?

Panel discussion chaired by Dr Suzie Edge
The morning’s speakers take questions from the audience. Also on the panel will be Mark Hancock and Elizabeth LePla, type 2 patients who have put their condition into remission.

13.15 – 14.15    Lunch, exhibition, film show

Erin Bellamy, Clinical researcher (psychology), nutritional consultant and PhD candidate: Dietary interventions in mental health
Research suggests that some psychiatric conditions may be linked to inflammation, with studies showing that those with high levels of inflammation are less likely to respond to psychiatric medications. Therefore, if underlying mechanisms are rooted in inflammation, perhaps an anti-inflammatory dietary intervention could alleviate symptoms of these conditions. Erin will review the literature and current research.

Dr William Bird MBE, GP and CEO of Intelligent Health: Scaling up social prescribing
The current model of social prescribing is a major step forward, but it still caters for a small number of people and is quite costly due to the one-to-one relationship with the link worker. William will discuss how social prescribing can be scaled up to involve whole populations using gamification technology and behaviour change.

15.30 – 16.00      Break, exhibition, film show

Dr Rob Lawson, GP and founder and Chair of the British Society of Lifestyle MedicineLifestyle medicine and group consulting: time to care

Rob will introduce  the context of lifestyle medicine and provide an overview of the determinations of the often reversible chronic conditions which are adding to the global burden of disease.  One of the procedures within lifestyle medicine is the group consultation approach: Rob will share with you the views of clinicians and patients.

Ruth Edwards, CEO of the UK Health Coaches Association: Health coaching: how the science of behaviour change can contribute to reducing the pressure on our NHS and empower patients to take more responsibility for their own health    

Panel discussion chaired by Dr Suzie Edge
The afternoon’s speakers will take your questions.

17.45 – 18.00     Close

Our speakers will aim to make practical recommendations for use in a primary care, community or hospital setting.

Your chance to get involved

You’ll have a chance to ask questions after each speaker. We’ll make it easy as possible  for you to talk to, network with and stay in touch with fellow delegates and speakers.


We’ll nourish you with delicious hot and cold food for lunch plus healthy snacks. The selection on offer will provide plenty of options for a range of diets.